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Recently I’ve had the desire to do more physical drawing. As someone who works all day at a computer, I often miss the tangible nature of my work — the feel of pen on paper — and the honesty created with the lack of an undo key. Four years of art school sucked all of the fun out of drawing for me, but I think I am now far enough removed from that mindset that drawing can be fun again. I would also like to improve as a draftsmen, so I’m easing back into it with some anatomical studies from Anatomy for the Artist by Peter Stanyer. One of my animation professors swore by thi

All that to say, I would like to try and post an update about the various projects I have in the works about once a week. Part of this will be a sketchbook. I will post after every model session, or as soon as I finish a couple pages. Seeing some things “published” will help to keep me motivated after a long day of work.