Block Party 3: Quest for the Golden Cube

Block Party is an original short created for Nick Jr’s digital platforms. It reimagines everyone’s favorite Nick Jr. characters as soft and stackable cubes. They must work together to solve problems as they embark on various adventures.

The third installment sent the cubes on an epic quest for the Golden Cube. It was the first that I co-wrote, and was by far the most ambitious project I’ve ever undertaken. Working with a small but dedicated team, we abandoned the ambiguous space of the play mats in favor of a sprawling temple inside of a cave.


Block Party 3 Credits List:
Directed by:
Scott Kennell

Written by:
Chris Papa
Natalia Gonzalez
Michelle Esbin
Nick Martin
Scott Kennell

Character Design:
Thanh Nguyen

Environment Design:
Drew Shields
Scott Kennell

Scott Kennell

Scott Kennell
Michelle Acunya

Lighting and Compositing:
Edgar Vegas
Scott Kennell

Sound Design:
Gina Zdanowicz