Block Party: “Play Ball”

Block Party is one of the first digital franchises to be hosted on the newly redesigned Nick and Nick Jr. standalone app. It was originally created by Chris Papa, and I was tapped to direct the first short. The series of shorts reimagine everyone’s favorite Nick Jr. characters as soft and stackable cubes. They must work together to solve problems as they embark on various adventures.

The first episode centers around a lost ball. It marked one of the first digital shorts to be produced entirely in-house in New York City, and was my first time directing a short professionally.

Block Party 1 Credits List:
Directed by:
Scott Kennell

Written by:
Chris Papa
Natalia Gonzalez
Michelle Esbin
Nick Martin

Character Design:
Scott Kennell
Chris Papa
Jany Tran

Scott Kennell
Katie Wynkoop
Jason Willman
Amanda Clark

Lighting and Compositing:
Edgar Vegas

Sound Design:
Gina Zdanowicz