Nick Jr. Holiday 2018

In the winter of 2018, Nick Jr. again refreshed its generic brand look for winter. Unlike with Halloween, we chose to lean into the magical opportunities provided by winter and snow. Partnering with Ringer, we brought winter to sunny LA, fabricating an undulating slope of sow on a sound stage using water-based snow. After capturing, live-action blue screen footage of kids performing the different actions, It was back to NYC to handle post work. The IDs and anthem called for again merging live action and animation, so after tracking camera moves, we stitched the captured plates with digital assets and background matte pantings to create an expansive and magical winter landscape.

Credits List:
Animation Director:
Scott Kennell

Michelle Acuna
Amanda Clark

Edgar Vega
Dan Augsburger
Sebastian Rosero
Scott Kennell

Art Director:
Kristen Williams

Thanh Nguyen