Pretty Dead

Pretty Dead is my graduate film from Savannah College of Art and Design. It tells the story of Gus, a misunderstood zombie who wants to capture the beauty in the world. He meets a stranger who takes him on a journey to find that he has the tools to create the beauty in the world. I began the project with a team of 10 peers, and we were tasked with completing the film in 10 weeks, from storyboard to final sound mixing. With 4 sets, two main characters, 3 secondary characters, 3 crowd shots, and a 3 minute runtime this proved to be a daunting task. Since the film’s original wrap I have been going back adding polish shot by shot in my free time. I learned a ton about the filmmaking process and was truly blessed to work with such a talented team. Someday soon I will post the completed film, but for now I will simply post stills and concept art.


On the left is the original concept art, and on the right is a final still from the film.

 On the left are the original concept paintings and on the right are the final stills from the film.


A concept painting for the final title card.

 This is a piece of concept art for the final title card of the film.


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