Rusty Rivets

In the summer of 2016, I was tasked with promotional graphics for the launch of a new IP on Nick Jr, Rusty Rivets. Billed as “Iron Man” for preschoolers, he was a boy who relied on his smarts to invent solutions for his problems.

Using this as a jumping off point, we figured what better way to showcase this than to have everyone come together to create an awesome and improved version of the Nickelodeon logo.


It ended up being a really fun project, which involved a lot of look development for both the robot being worked on and the environment the spot took place in.


This trend continued a few months later, when we developed a series of spots between Rusty and Paw Patrol, Nick Jr’s most popular property. This time, Rusty was hard at work improving one of the Paw Patrol’s cars. I designed a simple environment that worked for both shows’ visual styles while drawing reference from modern car shows.


Each successive spot built on the last, teasing the result of Rusty’s handiwork.


Eventually it culminated in a “Reveal” spot, where we showed off all of the exciting custom features of the car. This served as a lead-in to a Paw Patrol and Rusty Rivets block on the Nick Jr. network.



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